Arizona Aviation Photographers (AzAP)

Terms of Service Agreement

Effective January 31, 2013


A Viewer, defined as any person viewing, reading or browsing any content found on the AzAP forum, and not a previously registered User, Moderator, Administrator or owner, is hereby granted a limited ‘permission of use’ for images and content viewed on the AzAP forum.

Such ‘permission of use’ shall be defined as:

1) The authority to view and appreciate the artistic content of images and photos posted to the AzAP forum and the AzAP website (;

2) Respect, observe and obey the copyright laws of the United States, where the ownership and content of this forum resides;

3) Viewers agree to not copy, download or otherwise use any posted content without obtaining written permission from the copyright owner of said content;

4) Viewers shall agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owner(s) of this forum, its staff and any subsidiaries for any content viewed on the AzAP forum and associated website;

5) Any violation of this ‘permission of use’ agreement, whether implicit or explicit, shall be considered a violation of this agreement, and at the discretion of the AzAP owners and administrators, legal action may be pursued.


A User, defined as any person registering for a username for use on the AzAP forum, will:

1) be permitted to post comments, photos (via direct posting or linking to a third-party photo hosting site), and otherwise  contribute to the AzAP forum, in a manner consistent with AzAP’s Mission Statement;

2) only post images (via direct posting or linking to a third-party photo hosting site) to which they have lawful permission (i.e. copyright possession or written permission from the copyright’s owner) to use and/or post said image(s) in a public forum;

3) agree to indemnify and hold harmless the owner(s) of this forum, its staff and any subsidiaries;

4) if posting photos from a third-party hosting site (i.e. Flickr, Zenfolio, Photobucket, etc), must ensure that they are posting their content to the AzAP forum in accordance with the Terms of Service of the host site.  Images or other content posted to the AzAP forum from a third-party hosting site that is found to be in violation of that site's terms of service will be deleted by the moderators if corrective action is not taken by said User;

5) refrain from posting partisan political and religious comments;

6) be solely responsible for any content posted by said User, and that such views are not necessarily the views of the this forum, its staff nor the forum’s owner(s);

7) grant the AzAP forum, its moderators and administrators limited rights to re-post all contest winning images, along with image credits, on said forum’s home page for the sole purpose of celebrating the photographer’s achievement and providing due recognition for the achieved accomplishment(s);

8) be able to modify the ‘permission of use’, as solely related to the use of images posted by said User, by indicating such modifications within said User’s ‘Signature’ box of the ‘Forum Profile Information’ such that the modified ‘permission of use’ for said User will appear under each and every posted image of that User;

9) will maintain an active status on the forum.  To maintain an active status, a User shall not have a period of AzAP forum inactivity (such as posting or similar productive contribution) that is in excess of one year (i.e. 365 days).  Failure to maintain an active status may result in the deletion of said User’s account and profile, subject to the discretion of the Moderators and Administrators.

10) will have their IP address recorded on each post.  This IP address, and other personal information, may only be used to pursue legal action in the event of a violation of this Terms of Service, at the discretion of the forum’s Administrator(s) and/or owner(s);

11) report any perceived violation of these general Terms of Service to the forum’s Moderators and Administrators, by using the ‘report to Moderator’ tab on the particular offending post.


Users shall not:

1) provide false identification information during the registration process;

2) post any content that is: pornographic, libelous or defamatory, contains threats or incite violence towards individuals or entities, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;

3) make knowingly false statements or which do not contribute to the AzAP forum in a manner consistent with AzAP’s Mission Statement;

4) make false/unsupported claims of sponsorship by AzAP in an effort to obtain interior access or media credentials to any facility or entity.  Only authorized AzAP representatives shall correspond with official personnel, with regards to obtaining interior access or media credentials, on behalf of AzAP.  If you don't know, then you're not an authorized AzAP representative;

5) post any content that; may be considered spam, is machine- or randomly-generated, nor contains unethical or unwanted commercial content designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites, or to further unlawful acts (such as phishing) or mislead recipients as to the source of the material.

Moderators and Administrators

Moderators and Administrators, as appointed by the owner(s) of the AzAP forum and website, are here to support and help contribute to the forum’s overall daily function and adherence to the Terms of Service, with the following understandings:

1) Due to the nature and volume of posts and contributions to the AzAP forum, it is impossible for all content to be reviewed for adherence to the above defined Terms of Service.  As such, the AzAP forum, its Moderators and Administrators are not responsible for the content posted by Users of said forum;

2) Moderators and Administrators have the right to remove any posts, images or content that is found to be objectionable.

3) Moderators and Administrators will comply with law enforcement agencies and other legal authorities that may be involved in a lawful action pertaining to Viewers or Users and any potentially related content or personal information.

4) May modify and update this Terms of Service at any time.

5) Will provide access to the Terms of Service by providing a permanent link at the top of the AzAP forum.

6) Violations of any items within these Terms of Service are grounds for, at the sole discretion of the site's Administrators, suspension and or deletion of the violator's account.


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